After buying your gorgeous silver jewelry, you’d definitely want to keep them in their beautiful appearance. However, this can be quite a challenge because silver jewelry, over time, is prone to tarnishing. Don’t worry though, because this is but natural. In fact, you should be worried if it never tarnishes – you may have been duped into buying a fake silver jewelry.

So how do you keep your silver jewelry looking at it best? Here are our top ten tips to help you out.

1. Be sure to clean your silver jewelry after wearing them. Wipe them with a clean cotton cloth to remove any dirt or grime that may have stuck to them while worn. Be sure to dry them properly to remove any residue.

2. After cleaning, store your silver jewelry in an air-tight bag like a ziplock bag. This helps to keep air and humidity from triggering the onset of tarnish. In addition, avoid using bags that have sulphur content as this will further promote tarnishing.

3. Don’t leave silver jewelry on top of wooden furniture like tables or dressers after taking them off. Wood contains acidic properties which react with the composition of silver jewelry and damage its finish, plus the air and humidity will hasten the tarnishing process.

4. Store your silver jewelry in a cool and dry place. To further remove any moisture or lessen humidity, store them together with a silica gel packet.

5. Remove your silver jewelry (e.g. silver rings) when doing household chores and handling harsh chemicals cleaning agents like bleach, or any ammonia containing solution.

6. Before you take a dive into the swimming pool, be sure to remove your silver jewelry. The water in the pool is mixed with chlorine for sanitary purpose, and silver jewelry does not fare well in chlorinated water.

7. When storing silver jewelry, give them enough space away from other jewelry or other items. Silver does not easily scratch, but it is not scratch proof. At some point, it will show some signs of scratches, especially when they keep hitting and rubbing against other jewelry.

8. Use only appropriate cleaning materials when cleaning your silver jewelry. Avoid using any unproven methods of cleaning silver as this can cause more harm than good.

9. If you have silver plated jewelry, use minimal amount of silver cleaners to keep the plating from being removed. Silver cleaners have small abrasive particles that help to polish silver, but this also causes small amount of silver to rub off.

10. Keep wearing it. The skin’s glands produce oils that help silver jewelry develop a lovely silver patina, which provides added protection for the item. Besides, going back to tip number one, the more you wear it, the more you’ll clean it.

Silver makes for a beautiful piece of jewelry; however, they should be cleaned and stored properly if they are to maintain their appeal. Following the ten tips above can help maintain your favorite pre-made or custom silver jewelry well into the future.

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