A medical ID bracelet is a small identification tag that a patient wears as a bracelet. This piece of jewelry bears crucial medical information about the patient.
Aside from the medical information, the tag can also have the phone number that can be used to contact a physician or the phone number of the caregiver or next of kin of the patient.

A medical ID bracelet is an effective and simple way of communicating critical information to EMTs or paramedics. A medical alert bracelet will speak for you during emergency situations when you might feel confused distressed, incapacitated, unconscious and unable to talk about your health.

medical id bracelet

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1. Save Lives during Emergencies with Medical Alert Bracelet
Doctors sometimes recommend their patients with medical conditions to use a medical alert bracelet.
But, what are these medical bracelets, anyway? What role do they play during emergencies?

Medical bracelets are a must have for people who have medical conditions like allergies, memory impairment, epilepsy, high blood pressure, blood disorders, diabetes, and rare diseases, just to name a few.
Below are some of the benefits of medical alert bracelets that help save lives, especially during emergency situations.
Stop Minor Emergencies from Turning into Major Ones
Say, for instance, a hypertensive patient suffers from a heart attack. It would be impossible to call their doctor if the patient doesn’t wear a medical ID bracelet. This kind of situation may lead to a life and death medical emergency.
This means that if you are wearing a medical alert bracelet, getting in touch with your doctor will be easier during emergency cases.

Eliminate the Need for Unnecessary Hospital Admissions
Wearing a medical ID bracelet can also save you from unwanted hospital admissions. This is because the medical personnel who treat you will have sufficient background history regarding your medical data. It also lets then point out your health problem right away and save you from unnecessary hospital admissions.

Prevent Unwanted Hospital Trips
If you are suffering from a severe medical condition, chances are you want to limit your trips to the hospital as much as possible. Your medical ID bracelet will alert your doctor during critical times when you need medical attention. This lets you reduce the number of time-consuming and expensive hospital trips you make.

They Speak for You during Emergency Cases
Medical alert bracelets also act as your representative or spokesperson during those instances when talking is simply impossible. For example, you have been involved in an accident and you sustained severe injuries in the head. You also have severe allergies that might be unknown to the doctors who will attend to you.

If you are not wearing a medical alert bracelet, the medical team might administer medications that can make your situation worse.
If your medical ID bracelet indicates your allergy information, this can give doctors an idea on how to administer the necessary treatment properly and safely.

2. Take a look at some of the important roles that medical bracelets play in the medical world:

① They Ensure More Effective Treatments
A medical ID bracelet can help ensure that you will receive proper medical treatment. For example, if your medical alert bracelet shows that you were diagnosed with cancer before, making a quick diagnosis will be easier if it reoccurs.
Errors in diagnosis are also common. You might mistake some symptoms and signs for a specific disease when they actually belong to a different ailment.
The medical details engraved on your medical alert bracelet will guide the doctor during the medical diagnosis. It guarantees that the medical treatment you get is correct according to your condition.

② They Keep You Safe from Potentially Dangerous Medical Errors
A medical emergency can happen anytime and anywhere, particularly if you are suffering from a certain medical condition. For example, there are three patients. One patient is diabetic, another has severe allergies and the third one has a rare medical condition.
How can medical bracelets protect these patients from possible medical errors? A medical ID bracelet informs the doctor of the allergies of the patient. This lets the doctor know the treatments that should be avoided.
For the patient with diabetes, the doctor can determine the type of diabetes that the patient has. This way, in the event that the patient becomes comatose, the attending physician will know what treatment is required.
Rare diseases can lead to allergic reactions to some administered treatments. Medical bracelets inform the doctor regarding your rare condition.

③ They Serve as an Evidence of Medical Conditions
Medical bracelets are also very useful to prove the existence of a person’s existing medical condition. For example, a person suffering from mental disorder or memory impairment might sometimes find themselves in trouble with the law enforcement. These people might have done something that violated the law unknowingly.
In cases like this, the person needs to get the correct medical treatment for his specific condition. The only way for law enforcement officers to prove their mental impairment is with the use of medical bracelets.

④ They Let the Medical Personnel Know If You Have Preexisting Medical Conditions
It is crucial to have a medical ID bracelet if you are suffering from medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy, and kidney failure among others. This informs the medical personnel of your condition before they administer treatment. Also, if you are in a medical emergency or you collapse, the people around you can provide the necessary first aid treatment before they bring you to the hospital.
Just as how you wear your watch to know the time, wearing medical bracelets informs other people of your medications, allergies or medical conditions so they will know what to do, especially in times of emergency.

3. What’s the Best Medical Alert Bracelet for You?
When looking for medical alert bracelets, choose something that can be identified easily by both the medical personnel and other people around you. Choose a personalized medical ID bracelet where your information can be engraved on.

Pertinent Information to Engrave on a Medical Alert Bracelet:
Since the space on traditional medical bracelet is limited and the emergency medical team needs to see all the information clearly, it is important to prioritize certain details over others.
Discuss with your healthcare provider about the information that should be indicated on your medical alert bracelet before you decide to get one.
Here are some of the most important details that you might want to list on your medical ID bracelet:

Medical Conditions
See to it that you include chronic medical conditions if you have any. Examples of these are cardiovascular concerns, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, and others. You also have to make sure that you list those conditions that might make it impossible for you or your loved one to communicate with the emergency personnel and those that might be fatal.

In case you are using a certain blood-thinning medication, ensure that it is listed on top of your medical alert bracelet. This will inform the emergency personnel of the possibility that you are suffering from internal bleeding if you sustained some injuries. Also, if a certain medication makes you suffer from a severe allergy, this should also be listed so it won’t be administered to you during an emergency situation.

Medical Devices
Indicate if you are using or wearing a medical device such as a pacemaker.

Blood Type
If you are suffering from a blood disorder, for instance, there are instances when it is also advisable that you list your blood type.
If You Have Missing or Transplanted Organs
This is because you might be taking some immunosuppressant medications that might make you prone to infections.

Challenges with Cooperation or Communication
Having conditions like autism or schizophrenia or limitations like being deaf or nonverbal are good examples of information that you need to list on your medical alert bracelet so that medical personnel will know why you or your loved one is not responding as expected.

DNR or Do Not Resuscitate Orders
CPR is the sole medical intervention that is very important that not performing it should be ordered by a doctor. If you have a DNR order, your medical ID bracelet should say just that.

Important Instructions
These include your emergency contact number or call 911. This can also be useful even for bystanders.
Make sure that your medical alert bracelet is replaced over time in the event that there are significant changes in your medical requirements that must be indicated and updated.

The Star of Life
It is ideal for medical bracelets to feature the medical emblem called Star of Life that shows the snake and staff symbol. It will help alert responders that the jewelry you are wearing is a special type that must be checked during emergency cases.

4. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medical ID Jewelry 

Medical ID jewelry has long been used by patients suffering from medical conditions and those who have special medical needs. One of the most popular types of medical ID jewelry today is none other than the medical ID necklace/bracelet.

Medical ID Jewelry have been used for years. The primary purpose of a medical alert bracelet is to provide information to emergency health personnel regarding your conditions or any other concerns that can help with your treatment if you are unconscious or incapacitated.

Majority of emergency responders have been trained to search for this bracelet every time they triage a patient.

Before you get one, there are several factors you need to consider before you choose the medical alert necklace/bracelet for you or your loved one.

Types of Medical ID Jewelry
Even though the purpose of medical ID tags is to notify bystanders and first responders of your existing medical conditions during emergency situations, it is a must to keep in mind that your medical identification is a critical aspect of your day to day life. Since it is something that you or your loved one will wear on a daily basis, you also need to consider the type of medical ID jewelry you will be using.
First responders have been trained to check the wrist and neck area first. However, if you don’t feel that comfortable with wearing a piece of jewelry on your writs every day, it would be better for you to opt for a medical ID necklace that you won’t have any trouble wearing day in and day out.

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Durability and Material
One more crucial factor you have to remember is the specific material that your medical alert jewelry is made of. When thinking of the material that will work best for you or a loved one, you have to consider the age and lifestyle of the person who will use it.
For people who are more active or work in fast-paced environments, silicon or rubber medical ID bracelet is the best choice. These are usually heat and water resistant and are also more affordable. Silicon and rubber jewelry is a viable choice as well for those people with metal-related irritation or allergies.
For people who work in more formal work settings or often dress up every day, it would be a wise decision to opt for stainless steel metals like gold or silver. These are often durable and scratch-proof.

Rubber Medical ID bracelet


Opportunities for Engraving
When shopping for a medical ID necklace/bracelet, don’t forget the primary purpose of this jewelry piece – engraving. Based on the kind of data that you should have on your medical alert jewelry, having the option that will allow more space for engraving makes more sense compared to one with no engraving space at all.
For instance, oval pendants can allow engraving more information and small pendants are suitable for those that don’t have a lot of medical data. It is also great to find a medical alert jewelry that allows engravings on the front and back.

At the end of the day, no matter what type of medical ID jewelry you choose to buy, it is always important to remember that you don’t just need to use a single piece of personalized medical ID jewelry. It would even be a better idea to have several pieces in the event that you lose one or when you just want to make a change. What is important here is that you are wearing some kind of medical ID all the time.

5. Conclusion

A personalized medical alert bracelet/necklace not only looks fashionable as it is also an important accessory that can save your life and prevent major medical problems.

Obviously, not all people need medical jewelry. For some, however, it is a must during a medical crisis. If you are suffering from major allergies, chronic conditions or you simply want to ensure that they will call the right person during emergencies, a medical ID bracelet is an investment you won’t regret.

Avoid those cheap promotion medical ID jewelry that you cannot even use for a long time. Always settle for high quality customized medical bracelets/necklace that look great and feel great at the same time!

There are many good reasons why you need a medical ID bracelet/necklace. Make sure you get a high quality medical alert jewelry to stay on the safe side.