Necklaces are one of the more common pieces of jewelry worn by both men and women. Although there are certainly less men who own more than one piece of necklace, there certainly are a lot of women who do – with their necklace collection ranging from several to many, branded and custom necklace combined. In fact, if you took a look at their jewelry boxes or boudoirs you are bound to see at least one (if not all) of the following types of necklaces.

Pendant Necklace 
A pendant necklace is, as the name suggests, one that has a pendant hanging on a chain or a string as its centerpiece. These pendants can be of various materials and makes – from gemstones and birthstones like rubies and diamonds, to precious metals like gold and silver, often molded into crosses or tear drops or any other similar design. Some of the cheaper pendant necklaces comes with faux gemstones or gold plated nickel, but whether authentic or not, they all go usually well with both casual and formal outfits.

Charms Necklaces
These are types of necklaces that have charms hanging in them. They are similar with pendant necklaces in the sense that they have “centerpiece” although they can always contain more than one. For instance, some charms may contain beads/gemstone, while another may contain five or more. In addition, charms are believed to have some “supernatural” qualities which either brings good luck, good health and others to the wearer.

Chunky Necklaces
These are the types of necklaces that are bound to really get some attention when worn anywhere at any time. There are many types of these chunky necklaces, but the most common being those large chain necklaces which are more often than not made from plastic. There are also chunky necklaces made from really large pieces of wood, or beads made from dried seeds. 

Strands are necklaces that can be very, very long, oftentimes reaching down to the navel level when worn. These strands can be made from a variety of materials, and the most common are precious metal chains and beads. When a strand is quite thin, it is usually worn with other strand necklaces, or there are some strand necklaces which can be strung together to make it look like one whole piece of necklace. Strands also vary in lengths, and the shortest ones being around 25 inches or so in length, while the longer ones (often referred to as “ropes”) can go as long as 35 inches or more.

In contrast to strands, chokers are pretty short, so short in fact that they hug your neck, looking more like a collar than a necklace. There are many types of choker necklaces, and they can be made using different materials, but perhaps the most famous types are the pearl chokers which are often seen worn by many of the society’s elite women during very special gatherings. We wrote a post about custom choker necklaces before and you can check it out to learn more about this type of necklace.