Bangles can help add a fresh, chic look to an otherwise common everyday outfit. Alternatively, they can add a touch of elegance and luxury to a formal dress or gown. Bangles come in different shapes, shades, make and designs, thereby giving women a whole lot of options to choose from. As such, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a bangle that will complement any outfit.

Although bangles are versatile pieces of fashion accessory, there are certain considerations that must be remembered when choosing which ones to wear.

Practice Moderation
Wearing too many bangles in one wrist at any given time is usually not a good idea. For one, they tend to feel uncomfortable, heavy, and will make it difficult for you to use your arm properly. Another reason in that they can overpower your outfit, which is something you want to avoid unless you want your bangles to drive attention away from your clothes. If you want to wear multiple bangles, be sure to limit them to at least five, depending on their sizes. Choose one particular bangle that is eye-catching and would serve as the main piece, and then complement it with smaller bangles to further make it stand out.

Mix and Match
Bangles come in all sorts of styles and designs, and since they are relatively cheap, it is not uncommon for women to have more than one. When wearing multiple bangles, make sure that they mix well with both your clothes and your other fashion accessories. Take note of the colors of your bangle and if your go along with the color of your outfit. Bangles also come in different textures and material (e.g. matte, shiny, etc.). When mixing and matching bangles, try to minimize or control the noise factor by using complementing colors or by adding neutral tones (e.g. silver).

Size Does Matter
Bangles are stiff, circular bracelets which are slipped on rather than clasped. Does, selecting the right size of bangle to buy is particularly important. Too small, and you won’t be able to slide it into your wrist. Too big, and they’ll start slipping off and become rather annoying. The right size of bangle is difficult to place, given the differences in wrist sizes. If you can’t find a particular bangle that suits your wrist’s size, you may want to consider having a custom cuff made just for you.

The Right Bangles for the Right Occasion
Although bangles can be worn on almost any occasion, there are certain unspoken rules about wearing the right bangles for the right occasion. For instance, a formal gathering which calls for a formal outfit, you should consider using simple bangles that complements rather than overwhelms your attire. Choose bangles made of metal as well, like gold, silver, or a brass bangle with ornate designs that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Bangles are truly remarkable fashion accessories that can spice up any outfit, from the casual everyday clothes to gala dresses. All in all, use the tips above together with your fashion sense, and experiment with different sorts of bangles available in order to find the right bangle to buy and wear.

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