These jewels for deceased ashes are allowed to remember our family member, loved one, or pet with a genuine love daily and enable us to carry our dead forever with us symbolically. The emotional attachment we have with the loss of a friend, family member, the love of your life or pet does not end when we lose them physically; the ashes storage necklaces help us to express our love for our loved ones and, in some way, pay tribute as a promise never to forget them and always take them with you everywhere.

There are a wide variety of ash pendant designs. We need to select with wisdom and love which one helps us to keep your memories; these are shrines, the only difference that instead of carrying exceptional photographs, is used to deposit ashes, hair, or fabric of clothing, perhaps to some it sounds strange and scary to wear human remains every day as jewelry, but seeing it in a sentimental environment is a tender and loving way to pay tribute to our most loved one who is no longer with us, not to mention that it helps psychologically to pass the stage of mourning, making it more bearable.

Some stores offer a wide range, including pendants and crosses, hearts, and emblems in many styles and materials such as gold, silver, gold-plated, and silver-plated . You may also want to gift a piece of ash jewelry to other family members as an everlasting keepsake, only if they agree, not everyone is comfortable with this new trend in cremation jewelry. Let's remember that it's not bad. Many people find these jewels filled with the ashes of their loved ones as a real source of comfort. If we go back in history, people have used ash urn jewelry for centuries; it is a poignant popular way to honor a loved one and keep them close to you whenever you can.

This jewelry trend has helped thousands of people, allowing them to wear their loved ones in beautiful locket pieces. There are blogs with a wealth of information on ways to bring your loved one and especially ways and tips to overcome a relative's loss. Everyone has lost a loved one at some point, and it is entirely understood what it is to go through this sad moment. That is why these accessories are born to cover that need. Ash jewelry usually varies. It could be filled with earth from the grave, a lock of hair, or some other memento of a loved one. It is recommended to use glue to ensure that the necklace will not be opened and the ashes spilled by accident.

Finally, it can be mentioned that there are not only necklace for ashes. There are other options like bracelets, key chains, and rings to carry ashes. But in the end, the goal is the same, to provide the opportunity to create the maximum representation of respect and affection towards the memory of those loved ones who are no longer in this world.