Medical ID jewelry has long been used by patients suffering from medical conditions and those who have special medical needs. One of the most popular types of medical ID jewelry today is none other than the medical ID necklace.

Before you get one, there are several factors you need to consider before you choose the medical alert necklace for you or your loved one.

Types of Medical ID Jewelry

Even though the purpose of medical ID tags is to notify bystanders and first responders of your existing medical conditions during emergency situations, it is a must to keep in mind that your medical identification is a critical aspect of your day to day life. Since it is something that you or your loved one will wear on a daily basis, you also need to consider the type of medical ID jewelry you will be using.

First responders have been trained to check the wrist and neck area first. However, if you don’t feel that comfortable with wearing a piece of jewelry on your writs every day, it would be better for you to opt for a medical ID necklace that you won’t have any trouble wearing day in and day out.

Durability and Material

One more crucial factor you have to remember is the specific material that your medical alert necklace is made of. When thinking of the material that will work best for you or a loved one, you have to consider the age and lifestyle of the person who will use it.

For people who are more active or work in fast-paced environments, silicon or rubber medical ID necklace is the best choice. These are usually heat and water resistant and are also more affordable. Silicon and rubber jewelry is a viable choice as well for those people with metal-related irritation or allergies.

For people who work in more formal work settings or often dress up every day, it would be a wise decision to opt for stainless steel metals like gold or silver. These are often durable and scratch-proof.

Opportunities for Engraving

When shopping for a medical ID necklace, don’t forget the primary purpose of this jewelry piece – engraving. Based on the kind of data that you should have on your medical alert necklace, having the option that will allow more space for engraving makes more sense compared to one with no engraving space at all.

For instance, oval pendants can allow engraving more information and small pendants are suitable for those that don’t have a lot of medical data. It is also great to find a medical alert necklace that allows engravings on the front and back.

At the end of the day, no matter what type of medical ID necklace you choose to buy, it is always important to remember that you don’t just need to use a single piece of personalized medical ID jewelry. It would even be a better idea to have several pieces in the event that you lose one or when you just want to make a change. What is important here is that you are wearing some kind of medical ID all the time.